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Consistent Reliability

Unrivaled support of accredited installers

One Stop Solar are committed to being consistently reliable in our customer service, product quality, stock holdings, pricing, warranty terms as well as after sales support.  We strongly believe this is what sets us apart as a cutting edge renewable energy service provider. We look forward to becoming your green energy partner. 

Consistent Reliability

One Stop Solar pride ourselves in offering world class warranty terms. Warranties on our equipment range from five to twenty-five years depending on the type of equipment selected. All of our warranties are backed by manufacturers with whom we have exceptional relationships. In order to qualify for our warranty, we require a One Stop Solar Accredited Installer to inspect and commission the equipment.

Service Warranty

One Stop Solar have invested heavily in a fully-equipped workshop facility that enables strong technical support. All our equipment allows online monitoring enabling customers, installers and distributors to respond and troubleshoot from remote locations.

On the rare occasions where equipment requires repair or servicing, One Stop Solar carry spares and are authorized to repair or replace components under warranty.

Technical Backup

Given the fact that the equipment we supply is of such high calibre, One Stop Solar strongly believe that your investment requires world class after sales support. Your accredited installer, also supported by ourselves, is your first port of call. Should occasion then demand, our door is always open and we welcome your interaction and feedback.

After Sales Support
Nature of Product

A world class reputation can only be built on world class products backed by world class service and personnel. One Stop Solar have carefully selected equipment that typically ranks in the top four worldwide. We have been appointed as preferred distributors for these products in Zimbabwe.


One Stop Solar carry large holdings of stock. This ensures that when a client is ready to invest, there is no lead time involved in receiving product. It also  enables us to honour our warranties in the quickest possible time.

Large Stock Holdings

All our equipment facilitates online real-time monitoring, providing there is internet availability. One Stop Solar work closely with the installers to assist clients in monitoring their systems. The advantages and benefits of this type of service ensure a better Return on Investment.

Real Time Monitoring

The renewable energy sector is by its very nature a long-term investment with high return value. One Stop Solar strongly believe in supporting local installers as well as equipping the next generation. We accomplish this by hosting regular training sessions and active mentorship programs. 

On occasion, we are also open to facilitating in-house training for organizations with existing competent staff.

Establishing Competency
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